Peep Show on South Beach

The fall migration of shorebirds is still in high gear even as we move into fall. Lots of great looks at several substantial flocks gathered near the high water mark. In the strong SW winds many birds hunker down behind anything they can find allowing some very cozy gatherings of resting birds.

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Plovers, Peeps and other creatures on Parade

These birds were feeding furiously and then decided to have a little struggle over a sand worm. Made for a great set of images. One pictured here.

North Monomoy and South Beach

Bairds sandpiper near Powder Hole

American Golden Plover (needs confirming)

Yellow legs near Tern Island

Semipalmated sandpiper "gassing up" for the journey continuing south

Chick very near fledging time

Piping Plover feeding - Tern Island

Least Sandpiper - Tern Island

This whale is known as Ventisca, with her 2011 calf

Grey Seals at rest

In the latter part of summer and into the early fall the pace really picks up for the southerly migrations of seabirds and shorebirds and the like. Here are a few images we recorded along the way here in Chatham.

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