In the Summer Garden

We are blessed with a beautiful garden that is Pam’s joy to tend to. On days when there is too much breeze to get off shore it is sometimes great just to wander in the yard.

Rose of Sharon

Yellow day Lily

A Sundae for M. Catbird - yummm

Lichen on the seat of an old whale rib

This pair is interesting. The bird on the right is a common house sparrow tending to the bird on the left as if it was one of her own yet it is a juvenile cowbird. This little guys parents deviously deposited an egg of their own amongst the house sparrow brood, when no one was looking, in an effort to get others to take on the nasty business of raising junior who as you can see is already more than twice the size of his surrogate parent. A dirty business in the garden here. Looks like they are getting a free bath though.

Deception in the garden

Goldfinch encounter

Question mark?

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Humpback News & Notes

Learned today from Dr. Jooke Robbins at the Center for Coastal Studies that the subject of our 2010 Wild Chatham poster (a female calf born in 2009) has been named Piano! Welcome to the world. Humpback whales are typically not given names by the researchers until they return to our waters in two successive years without the constant care of their mother. We are told that there is a high mortality rate in the first two years of life for these whales so it is a big deal when one makes it through to be officially named!

Piano, however, has had its share of problems in its young life already. She was a victim of a ship strike last year, recovered but is currently entangled in some fishing gear off of Chatham. The Center for Coastal Studies is working to free the whale now. As you can surmise from the photograph, Piano is a beautiful and vital creature. Keep fingers crossed for her making through this current trial.

Kudos to the scientists and staff at Center for Coastal Studies, located in Provincetown, MA, for the terrific work they do in studying and protecting these incredible animals.

PS. This whale is the subject of a story in this weeks Cape Cod Chronicle by Marcie Woodward. Check it out

Introducing the Humpback "Piano"

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Our Oceans

Thought this graphic and message were worth sharing..

Ocean of Garbage
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Signs of Summer on Cape Cod #2

The weather on the elbow of Cape Cod has been beautiful and warm during the month of July. Though we have not gotten off shore as much as we would have liked we have tasted a bit of summer!

White Shark research team off Monomoy Point

Common tern hunting for sand lances

Wilson's Storm Petrel walks on water

Common Eiders who stayed for the summer in Chatham waters

Food for the top of the Food Web waiting their turn

In the garden - dragonfly

In the garden - dragonfly #2

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Blue Water, White Death…..

Perfect predator pose

Adult Supervision required

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Signs of Summer on Cape Cod

Spring gives way to summer on the outer beaches of Cape Cod quite abruptly. The water warms the air warms and the strong sea breezes pipe up in the last few days of June. Summer is on. Among other adventures the white shark returns to waters off of Chatham. Our first clues come from observing the seal carcasses that appear on our beaches.

Carcass on Monomoy Point - June 30

Haul out at Shark Alley - South Beach July 1

Juvenile Skeleton North Beach Island near adult carcass (submerged) - June 30

Bearse's Shoal

Small Minke whale in Shark Alley

Small Minke whale in Shark Alley

Small Minke whale in Shark Alley

Small Minke whale feeding in Shark Alley

Bunnies in the garden

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