Chatham Fall Journal

The fall shorebird southerly migration is winding down but there is still much to see if you look carefully on the barrier beaches off Chatham. We have had family & friends visiting for the past week and have had a chance to explore some of our favorite places.

At the Equinox

Peeps at Powder hole, MNWR

Sanderling at close range

Ruddy Turnstone

Humpback whale called "Trench"

Mixed flock of shorebirds in motion

Common Eiders take flight

White winged scoters are returning to Chatham waters

Harbor seals at high tide - North Beach Island

Chatham Harbor - New Cut

Tern Island in Fall colors

Powder hole, MNWR

Son Spencer in Stealth mode - South Beach

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  1. December 15, 2012 | Reply
    myles huntington says:

    hi john/pam just went thru your book..WOW is about all i can say,from the incredible shots/and the clever,well thought titles… it will be the center piece on the the living room table of mom and dad…perfect gift thanks,merry xmas myles

    • Thanks for the kind comments Myles. The book was a fun project to put together. We live in a beautiful area don’t we?

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