Cape Cod Winter Journal

Hawaii is now long in the rear view mirror. Since returning to the Cape we have experienced some of the coldest weather conditions in years. Arctic temperatures in the -10 to -20 degrees Centigrade (10 – 20 degrees F) have been with us for more than 10 days and as a result our estuaries and saltwater harbors have become frozen. A beautiful winter landscape to explore but it is a bit of challenge to get into the field. We have been bundling up with many layers. That said we really love winter on Cape Cod with its fresh frozen dramatic landscapes and abundant wildlife. Just have to look for it.

Winter Moonrise over Chatham

Monomoy NWR - Morris Island

Strong breeze, flat water...all good

Pair of Mute Swans - Frost Fish Creek: Robert Verity Clem Trail

Female Hooded Merganser

Red Sky in Morning

Red-tailed Hawk at lift off moment

Titmouse in a stiff winter breeze

Northern Cardinal

Northern Flicker


Home in Chatham

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