Cape Cod Winter Journal: Chatham Bar

Chatham Bar

Chatham Bar

Chatham Bar

We are so privileged to live by the sea and witness the many moods of the ocean. We are especially enamored with winter when the gales come and for the most part we are forced to stay on the land and observe nature’s work. On this day we experienced very strong westerly gales at 25 – 35kts with frequent gusts up to 50kts. Temperatures were in the 10 degree range with the wind chill factor.

The series of images is particularly interesting when you consider that the Chatham fishing fleet must navigate across this bar to get out to the fishing grounds. With depths barely 10 feet of water in the deepest path across the bar it does not take much to get the surf to break across the channel. Needless to say it is very dangerous to navigate here and this day was a good day to remain tied up to the mooring.

Chatham Light from the south

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  1. this was so amazing to see………the fact it is just
    around the corner this wonderous natural beauty….thanks
    John for reminding me to get out more to see how beautiful
    it really is.

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