Silver Bank: Return to Humpback Whale Heaven

After leaving Dominica and our fantastic experiences swimming and observing Sperm whales we made the 1000 mile journey northward via Puerto Rico to join the team at Aquatic Adventures in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Since it is not easy traveling in the Caribbean our journey took several days travel but we finally climbed on board the Turks & Caicos Explorer, our live-aboard dive boat home for the next 6 days and headed out 80 miles to the NNE finding the Silver Bank. These grounds were made famous in colonial times when Spanish treasure ships came to grief on poorly charted coral reefs and deposited lots of treasure on the shallow banks in storms. This was a return trip for us having had the experience in March 2012 and been so moved by it that we vowed to come back for more. We were not disappointed.

Tender platform we used to track the humpbacks specially designed by Tom Conlin

Mom and calf in a fly by

Tail breach in process

Mother is looking for a wandering calf

Fading light distant breach

Calf exhibits "Spinning head breach"

Chin breach

Curious calf approaches JJK. Likely a yearling born last year due to size

Up close and personal with a large female

Very distinctive hump

Another close encounter

Massive Pectoral fins are used to communicate

Fluke headed down

Humpback whale Zen Master Tom Conlin (Photo by Diane Byrd)

Soft encounter with an adult female

Mother nurses her calf

Breacher with the Explorer in the background

Sea Turtle makes an appearance

Humpback female comes up for air about every 25 minutes when with a nursing calf

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  1. Pam & John……..I could look at these pictures all day
    long…….what a amazing gift you have shared with us…
    thank you…….Margie

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