Sperm Whale Heaven

_JJK0003Once again we were fortunate to travel to the island of Dominica to observe the population of sperm whales that inhabit the waters surrounding the island. This expedition was organized by Ted Cheeseman of Cheeseman’s Ecological Safaris and was conducted under a special permit from the Dominican government. Over the nine days we spent on the island we were extremely fortunate to witness some incredible interactions with these whales including the seldom seen entry of a large bull sperm whale into the area which made for some terrific observations of social behavior among the females. We were also treated to sightings of Spotted dolphins and Fraser’s dolphins and many seabirds._JJK0062_JJK0011_JJK9401_JJK9648_JJK9750_JJK9899_JJK9910JJK_1093JJK_1479

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  1. JK, you dirty DOG! Absolutely awesome images of what must have been a truly mind-blowing experience! The full body shots are great but I really loved the open jaw image, that shows just how tiny the lower mandible is in comparison with the rest of the creature. Well done, my friend!

    • March 13, 2014 | Reply
      johnking says:

      Jonathan, you are very kind my friend. The experience was absolutely splendid. Was followed by an equally cool visit with the Humpbacks on the Silver Bank. Hope you are enjoying the warmer climes too!

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