Hawaii Journal: Volcanos & Coral Reefs

Son Spencer is impressed

Yellow Tang

Keakakekua Bay (Photo by Moon M. King)

We observed these turtle at a "cleaning station"

School of Triggerfish off of Puako

Absolutely fantastic encounters with turtles and reef fish by snorkel. We were tipped off to a location several 100 yards off shore where Green turtles gather to get “cleaned” by willing reef fish who feed on the algae that gathers on their shells. Incredible to see.

Cleaning Station

Sea urchin feeds in the shallow reef areas

Volcanoes are monuments to Earth’s origin, evidence that its primordial forces are still at work. During a volcanic eruption, we are reminded that our planet is an ever-changing environment whose basic processes are beyond human control. As much as we have altered the face of the Earth to suit our needs, we can only stand in awe before the power of an eruption. There are few places on our planet that one can witness the origins and Volcanoes National Park’s Kilauea Volcano is one such place.


Ancient Tree molds from eruptions of the past


Lava tube

Inside a lava tube -volcanic drips on the roof

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